The Gindi Group has held its position as one of Israel’s foremost real estate brands for the past 50 years, with a sterling reputation based on innovation, stability, and professional service. The Group is involved in the development, planning, construction, and marketing of prestigious real estate projects, including shopping malls, commercial centers, luxury towers, and residential neighborhoods. Its projects to date span thousands of residences as well as hundreds of thousands of square meters in Israel and overseas

All of the Gindi Group’s activities are founded on solid, in-depth market research. It adopts a development and marketing strategy that significantly reduces risks and exposure in projects through pre-sales and sales “on paper”. The Group is currently engaged in the construction of Israel’s largest real estate project – the Gindi Tel Aviv complex, including 776 residences, 98% of which have already been sold. The 4 new Love Tel Aviv Towers are part of this massive complex, with each tower offering 384 apartments. The first 2 towers are currently being sold